“Follow to Download” sharing option added

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We are very excited to announce the addition of our new “Follow To Download” feature, that will be of great help to artists/labels looking to empower their social media reach while providing fans with unique and exclusive free downloads. This option is included in our Promotion Subscription at no extra cost (also available for Premium Subscribers and Labels under Premium Distribution).

This new tool is under the “Sharing” option in your releases.
Release > edit > Sharing (screenshots at the end of the post)

To set up a track to use, go to the release including the track you want to give away or create a new release if it is an unreleased song, click on sharing and select the track you wish to give away (all tracks within a release are automatically selected, so be sure to unselect any that you don’t wish to include). Click on the Follow to Download [+] symbol to expand and enter the accounts you wish fans to follow (We currently support Soundcloud, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube), you can add up to 5 accounts for each option you want included. If you only want Soundcloud to be the option for example, then only enter the accounts for that social network, any social networks you leave empty won’t be visible as an option to fans.

The page will look similar to your promos. If you have never branded your label page, go to “Labels” and click on the label you wish to edit, once there click on “Label Page”. You will have options to upload your logo, change background images, colors and enter relevant information about the label or company.

Here is an example of how it will look like:

Here is an example on how you could incorporate it on Soundcloud:

Additional options you can include or remove as you see fit:

– Sharing Buttons: It allows fans to share the link with their friends on twitter and facebook (Default setting = No, adjust as desired)
– Allow WAV download: It allows fans to not only download the mp3 but also the WAV file (Default setting = No, adjust as desired)
– Show Label Copy: It allow fans to access all information regarding the track, from label to composers to publisher and isrc code. This is there as default because of options for private sharing available prior to the addition of this new feature. (Default setting = No, adjust as desired)
– Expires: You can select for how long the track will be available (Default setting = 1 month, adjust as desired)
– Password protection: If you wish to share it only with certain people you can protect it with a password, users won’t be able to preview or play the track before being prompted to enter the password.

You can delete the any shared tracks at any time by visiting the “Sharing” option under the Promotion tab, there you can also track plays and download stats for each track.

Any additional questions or feedback feel free to email us to support(at)label-engine.com

You can also follow us on twitter at @Label_Engine or facebook at facebook.com/labelengine