Five reasons why Label Engine can improve your life

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1. An open bar for label managers
Label Engine is the total package for managing your releases. Distributed labels get the full range of tools at no additional cost, while non-distributed partners get pricing at unprecedented minimums, affordable to anyone. With Label Engine being a driving force in today’s music, a partnership with them is a no-brainer!

2. Math is for nerds.
You didn’t pay attention in school, but you really have a knack for musical talent. Congratulations, Label Engine to the rescue! Enter the percentages and payment details for your artists and you can go back to eating bon bons and watching your afternoon stories. Label Engine will break down the accounting for you with easy to read reports and you won’t need to consult your cat.

3. Demos are a drag!
Trying to keep track of every demo that hits the variety of email addresses associated with your label? Consolidate with a single point of contact that can be organized into folders and take control of your label demos. It was never this easy to find new talent before Label Engine!

4. Social networking sucks.
Soundcloud is the go-to source for all things music and luckily, your Mom hasn’t signed on to it yet. Use it to promote what you are putting out, which is better than saying “pretty please” like the rejected wallflower at the prom. Label Engine makes it a breeze to cross promote!

5. A file management monkey.
With a dedicated repository, you can upload tracks to your secure account via FTP or web browser. Automatically keep track of your releases and share them easily, but forget the old method of one-at-a-time uploads! You can do all of this simultaneously with Label Engine! Call it your assistant…you’ve always wanted one!



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