Embed your Demo Submissions page on your website

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We have just added an option for you to Embed your Demo Submissions page on your website. The code is provided by us so all you need to do is select the color of the background so it matches your website and copy and paste the script provided.

Our “Demos” tool is one of the most used by our labels as it allows them to easily manage and reply to demo submissions without leaving your account.

You can access the “Embed” option by clicking on the “Demos” tab, then click on the “Demo Settings” option, next to the label you wish to create an embedded submission form for you will see the “Embed” option. While you are at it, you can also manage your “Watched” and “Blocked” artists and your Automated Reply options.

You can view an example here: http://www.straightupworld.com/contact/

Our Demo Management tool is available to our Premium Distributed Labels and Promotion/Premium subscribers at no extra cost. SIGN UP FOR A 7 DAY TRIAL

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