Dubset and Label Engine Integration announced

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We are very excited to announce the integration of Dubset Media to our network of stores to help shape the future of mix content distribution!

Dubset Media is a technology solutions company for the music industry, focusing in the creation of a new marketplace for mixes, and build the foundation for new royalties through online streaming. Dubset offers an innovative music marketplace for DJs, artists, labels, publishers, and distributors. Through cutting edge technology, rights management database, and easy to use dashboards, creating new mix & remix distribution and monetization opportunities built on transparency, ownership control, and simplicity.

– What does the deal between Label Engine and Dubset entitle?

We are big believers in streaming monetization and empowering user generated content through a platform that allows content creators to earn revenue for their work. The deal with Dubset will allow us to support their initiative to improve how mixes are distributed and monetized.

Our music content will be made available through their platform so DJs all around the world can freely create Mixes and Podcasts while generating additional revenue for our labels and artists. Something that is very important at the heart of Dance music culture!

Dubset recently announced partnerships with Spotify and Apple Music for distribution of content.

Below is an infographic of how it works courtesy of Dubset:



Note: We have began deliveries of our Premium Distributed partners and no further steps are necessary from your side, we will prioritize new releases but back catalog deliveries will be on-going. At the current time Distribution on Demand users won’t be able to opt-in to this deal but we are analyzing the opportunity to be able to allow it in the near future.

Learn more about Dubset: http://www.dubset.com/about/#team