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Founder: Subtronics
Founded: 2020
Genre: Dubstep, Experimental Bass, Trap
Country of Origin: United States
Roster: Subtronics, Control Freak, Calcium, Hukae, Guppi, Space Wizard, Akeos, Al Ross, G-Space, Leotrix, Chee, EAZYBAKED, EXEMPLR, Abelation, Stitch, Jeulzzz

“I’m most excited to be able to help out new and undiscovered talent have a bigger reach. There are so many incredibly gifted producers out there who are always pushing the boundaries and it’s time we started recognizing them.”

“I want to fully break out at least one artist. Find someone with a small or zero following, release an EP with them and next year they are headlining festivals. I want to do that with as many artists as possible and create a mega-squad of god tier talented artists.” – Subtronics, This Song Is Sick

“When you’ve created a sound all your own and garnered a fanbase who counts down the seconds until you release new music, the next natural move is to start a record label. Such is the case with dubstep star Subtronics, who has announced his own Cyclops Recordings banner.” –

“Cyclops Recordings will be a platform for the forward-thinkers in the bass music, which makes sense coming from a huge game-changer like Subtronics. The Philly-born producer has never been afraid to push the envelope and blow our minds with mind-melting bass and innovative beats — you know, “the weird and wonky stuff” us headbangers drool over. And we’re about to get a whole lot more of that, carefully curated by Subtronics himself. By validating and supporting those who aren’t afraid to be different and take risks with their sound, Cyclops Recordings is set to take the bass music scene to a whole new level.” – EDM Identity

“Discussing the release of the ‘Boot Camp’ LP, the label says: ‘’Cyclops Recordings is the next step after Cyclops Army (my dedicated online fan group of 40k+ members). The label will be a platform for the most cutting edge sounds we find across the globe and beyond.  We intend to promote unconditional kindness to those around us, a principle that also functions as the cornerstone of Cyclops Army, while shining a spotlight on artists that work every day to push the creative boundaries of what we all thought possible.”’ – Your EDM

Subtronics’ announcement of his new label

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