Beatport has added three new genres to help organize the store

Label Engine Updates

UPDATE: After some backlash for the changes, Beatport has added Electro House back as a main genre.


Beatport has added three new genres and re-organized how music is categorized on its digital download store. It goes as follows:

– The Pop/Rock section has transitioned into “Dance”, which will basically host all Dance Pop/Mainstream releases.

Chillout has been moved to what now is the “Electronica / Downtempo” section.

Future House has been added and content has been transitioned from Deep House there.

Electro House andMain Room Progressive has been moved to “Big Room”, where they will be housed as sub-genres.

We are glad Beatport is taking steps to make it easier for DJs and fans to find the music they are looking for but they are facing some backlash from completely removing Electro House, an integral part of Dance music, from the main genres. A lot of labels and artists have voiced their discontent with the decision via social media as they feel Big Room is not a style of music they wanted to be associated with.


Note: If you are a Label Engine distributed label (or promo subscriber), we didn’t want to make it hard for our users to transition so we are going to keep the Electro House genre available but it will be mapped out to land in the “Big Room” page on Beatport, every other store seems to be keen on keeping the Electro House section intact.