We have integrated Zendesk to handle support emails

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We have decided to start using and integrate Zendesk to take our highly regarded customer service efforts to new heights.

What is/will be new?

Every email you send to us will now go through a ticketing process that will allow us to better organize and keep an eye on any questions, issues or feedback that you have for us. Nothing on your side will change of course but we wanted to keep you informed in the developments we are putting in place to make sure you are being taken care of as fast and as efficiently as possible!

Our customer support service is already regarded as one of the best (if not the best) within our business and it will be getting even better.

This new integration will enable us to introduce two key features we have been wanted to offer to our users for awhile.

a) Live chat: We will be adding this feature very soon for our users to be able to chat and get live help from our customer service reps.

b) Extensive Knowledge Data Base: We are currently populating this feature with as many FAQs as possible and will be available to you soon as well. With this data base you will be able to search and get instant answers for common issues. and it will replace the forum. (The forum has been removed already but you still can find a lot of the answers in our blog/help section)

We will continue to invest resources in ways to help take our services to the next level and your feedback has been key in the changes we are working on and will continue to work on. Thank you!

Any additional questions or feedback feel free to email us to support(at)label-engine.com

You can also follow us on twitter at @Label_Engine or facebook at facebook.com/labelengine