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Founder: Kayzo
Founded in: 2018
Genre: Hardstyle, Hard Dance, Trap, Dubstep, DnB, Bass, Rock, Electronic
Country of Origin: United States

Being the pioneer of rock-fueled dance music, Kayzo founded Welcome Records to promote endless cross-genre opportunities, and highlight rising talent who haven’t been given the recognition. Kayzo is also one of Billboard Dance’s 100 Artists of 2019.

“Now it’s more of a collaboration between the two worlds: It’s a Marshmello song featuring A Day to Remember, it’s Rezz featuring Underoath. Electronic artists now hold more influence and more power to what is considered the culture of music.” – Kayzo, Billboard

“The Houston native made his name as a rare stateside champion of hardstyle, but he’s nowhere near one-dimensional. He brings a lot of rock instrumentation to the table and isn’t afraid to get pretty or let his emotions show” – Billboard

“With a unique ability to blend punk and metal into his thunderous dubstep sound, Kayzo has grown to become one of the most beloved names in bass music since his early days in the industry. He has also solidified himself as one of its most coveted tastemakers, thanks to launch of his Welcome Records label.” – EDM.com

“Kayzo’s dedicated followers will be ecstatic to find out that the young DJ is launching the label with “the intentions of releasing music from artists that [he] think[s] are pushing the boundaries and opening new doors musically with electronic and all other styles of music.”” – EDM Tunes

“One of the hallmarks of finally making it as an artist in electronic music seems to be creating your own record label. Different than the world of pop music and major labels, electronic artists are more likely to create their own imprints to push the artists they care about most. Kayzo has just announced the creation of his own label, Welcome Records.” – Your EDM

“If you like textured, electrified jungle gyms of noise, you’re really going to enjoy picking OVERLOAD apart. It’s released today in all its mosh-pit inducing glory on LA’s independent label Welcome Records.” – Billboard

Listen to the latest release below. “Little Comp of Horrors Vol. 3” is a compilation of “13 tracks from artists who are paving a new way in the industry, each with their own unique stories and talents” – Welcome Records

Stream: https://wr.ffm.to/compofhorrors

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