Update: Pandora Streaming Online, Wasabeat Offline

Label Engine News

We are excited to announce that we have begun distribution to Pandora Streaming, Pandora Radio’s premium music streaming service. Currently, the Label Engine team is in the process of delivering all back catalog to Pandora Streaming, and this content will appear over the course of the coming days. All new releases will automatically be delivered, during which time they will temporarily be locked in your system. We believe that adding Pandora Streaming to our vendor list will bring even more opportunities for exposure and success to our labels, and we’re looking forward to this new partnership.

We have also arranged for all content delivered to 7digital to be made available from Iam+, Electric Jukebox and Pono, and Guvera.

For the past three months, Tokyo online club music store, Wasabeat, has been offline and hasn’t replied to any Label Engine email communications. The Label Engine team is aware that Wasabeat still owes our labels payments and we will make every effort to recover royalties. We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve this situation.

If you have any questions or concerns about our store partners, feel free to contact us.