Trackitdown Pre-orders

DJ Lazy Rich News

It has come to our attention that all releases delivered to Trackitdown are being made available for immediate pre-order as soon as they have been ingested. This means that visitors to the site are able to listen to releases and place pre-orders before the release date, even if the label has not requested for pre-orders to be available.

We have discussed this at length with Trackitdown and while they acknowledge that this is an issue they are looking to solve, they are not able to give us a definite time frame of when any changes may take place.

Therefore we have decided to offer all labels the opportunity to opt-out of deliveries to Trackitdown until this issue is solved. If you do not wish to deliver your content to Trackitdown, or wish for us to remove any content that has not yet been released, please advise us as soon as possible via

Thanks for your understanding, please contact us if you have any questions or require assistance.