The Truth About Artificial Streaming

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Some may see it as a shortcut, the easy way out, but the truth about artificial streaming is that DSPs like Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora are consistently monitoring unusual listening patterns and flagging suspicious streams.

Earlier this year we posted Spotify’s Guidelines here. Now Spotify has released an in-depth video to educate music professionals about the risks of artificial streaming, Watch the video below:

Why artificial streaming never actually works? “When we detect artificial streams, we may do things like withholding royalties and correcting streaming numbers and chart positions. It may even result in your music being removed from Spotify” says Spotify. You cannot pay to get on editorial playlists. User-generated playlists that claim to do so are routinely removed by Spotify.

Spotify explains their goal to protect artists and rights holders, “We’re trying to make sure it’s a level playing field. We believe it’s only fair that every artist has an opportunity to find listeners. And we want to make sure that artists and rights holders are paid fairly for their work.”.

Streaming revolutionized music discovery. It diversified sounds, and created opportunities for emerging artists to connect with fans in a competitive market. This important transformation the industry has achieved should be protected so we can make it work to everyone’s benefit.