Stores updates: WDA Ringtones, Simfy, Rara, Selected Music Sotre, Satellite, Blinkbox

Label Engine Updates

The digital music world is moving fast and we continue to see impactful developments on a weekly basis, stores closing down or being acquired seems to be the current trend (unfortunately). Various of those DSPs have closed down or have announced they will be closing down.


– WDA Ringtones: WDA is closing its ringtones subsidiary, they announced recently. They will continue to collect royalties and account us for the content already delivered. We have signed a new deal with a new ringtones partner that will be taking over that catalog but deliveries will take a little while to set up, more info on that as soon as possible.

– Simfy: Simfy has officially discontinued their service at the beginning of this month and are offering their current subscribers the option to migrate to Deezer. We will work with their team to get the reporting up to date.

– Satellite Records: Satellite Records’ website seems to been down for quiet a few weeks and they have not formally announced they are closing down but at this time it is fair to assume they are not returning. We will continue our attempts to contact them to get a detailed report of royalties owed to date and have discontinued deliveries.

– Rara: Omnifome powered streaming service Rara announced earlier in the year it was looking for a buyer to guarantee its continuancy. It has now been made public that Rara will be closing its doors. The deliveries have been discontinued but you will continue to see reports for past revenue in the next few months.

– Selected Music Store: The idea from Selected was to offer hand-picked music to their users but it faced difficult problematic issues in the technology side before they were even able to take off. They recently announced they are not giving up on the project and are looking for options to sort those issues out but in the meantime deliveries have been discontinued.

– Blinkbox: Announced in early 2015, Guvera made a bid to acquire streaming service “Blinkbox” and the deal is now official. Direct deliveries to blinkbox have been discontinued as they fold into the Guvera service. We are currently in talks to finalize a deal with Guvera and hope to have them on board as soon as possible.

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