Spotify Promo Cards, a new way to step up your music promotion

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Spotify for Artists can now generate “Promo Cards”, which are shareable promotional assets with customizable graphics for an artist, track, or album, or when a song gets playlisted on one of the 33 eligible Spotify playlists. These eye-catching shareable assets are designed to empower artists and marketers to promote content with little to no effort necessary for graphic design.

Create your next social media post in 5 easy steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Search for an artist, track, or album
  3. Customize background color and aspect ratio 
  4. Choose a language (English, Spanish, Portuguese, or German)
  5. Download the asset

Read the full announcement here:

This solves a missed opportunity to announce achievements such as getting playlisted or releasing new music. Modern musicians wear many hats, just focusing on music is no longer enough. Promotion is almost as essential as the music itself. Spotify validates this point by giving the power back into the hands of the artists and offering them a simple tool to easily build promotional assets.

Music discovery remains a challenge on streaming platforms because of the abundant amount of music uploaded each day. It is up to the artists to connect with fans by communicating with them. In this competitive industry, non-musical content such as strong visuals and branding is valuable. Social media is an efficient tool to reach fans directly. Sending press releases to tastemakers, music blogs and radio stations, organizing a tour, creating an email list are other forms of music promotion. In-person networking is one strategy that’s often overlooked.

Our Label Engine platform offers features for music promotion, including custom emails, automatic branding to match your release artwork, previews of tracks to skip intros and outros, ability to pick favorite songs, rate the releases, leave feedback. More features include requiring a follow on social media to download music, automatically creating videos for your releases. Check it out with our free trial!