Spotify introduces “Fan Insights” a free analytics tool for Artists

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Spotify has announced today the introduction of “Spotify Fan Insights”, an analytics tool that will allow Artists better understand how fans interact with their music.

Best of all? the tool is available completely for free!

Spotify has long been the “king” of streaming music and it has become an important platform for Artists and Labels to continue to showcase their music, their talent and their passion. Since the introduction of the platform in the USA in 2011, a number of competitors have emerged or rebuffed their own systems and you know what competition ends in, better products.

We are very excited for this tool because it will give Artists (Managers and Labels that manage them) a better understanding of metrics as important as how the fans are listening to their music, where they are from, demographic and even what other Artists/Bands they also love that are similar to you!

Right now “Spotify Fan Insights” is on Beta testing and you need to request access but it will be open to everybody soon. You can request access here

NOTE: As a Label Engine distributed label you already get basic access to some of these statistics, like amount of streams, territory, demographic and premium vs freemium activity so if you don’t get early access you can always get a taste of it through our system. Simply click on the release you wish to look into and click on the “Spotify” option.

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