Space Yacht

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Founders: Henry Lu and Rami Perlman
Founded: 2020
Genre: Drum & Bass, Tech House, Bass House, Dubstep
Country of Origin: United States
Roster: LondonBridge, VOUTI, Ranger Trucco, Ekonovah, Crimson Child, Vastive, Tony H, JEANIE, Friendzone, Nikademis, Beauty & The Beats, Aidan Sokol, Haus of Panda, Alenn, Money Money

“Openers have always been a strategic booking for us, because in 18 months they become the next headliners,” Lu shares. “That same spirit and approach made it very easy for us to launch a label, because up to this point, those openers were the kinds of people we wanted to invest in. Now, they are the artists we want to sign.” – Space Yacht, SF Weekly

“One of the brands in the dance music scene that has truly taken the world by storm is Space Yacht. Originating as a weekly party that became renowned for its rowdiness, secret lineups, and free pizza, they’ve consistently had their finger on the pulse of the latest trends and helped foster top-tier talent along the way” – EDM Identity

“The promise of going to a Space Yacht show is that you don’t know what you’re going to get,” says Co-Founder Rami Perlman, who produces house music under the moniker LondonBridge. “It’s like an omakase in sushi where they bring out all kinds of fish. It’s delicious, and you go with it because you trust the chef.” In this case, the set menus that attendees can experience at Space Yacht’s sold-out bashes are built from undiscovered talent. The chef’s are Perlman and Co-Founder Henry Lu, who source emerging stars and grow them from the ground up.” – SF Weekly

“Over the last five years, the production team has solidified their name as a staple on the electronic music event circuit by specifically catering to the greatest upcoming talent around and highlighting the next generation of dance music artists” – EDM Manic

Fridays are usually pretty busy days for music, but today seems especially busy. With new albums, singles, EPs, and more galore, today is a fantastic day for new music and new beginnings. Space Yacht, the Los Angeles party collective that has been dominating the underground scene for years is officially “Moving Forward” with a brand new label and they just put out their first release. – Your EDM

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