Soundcloud rolls out new layout + branding options

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Soundcloud has announced a few days ago the introduction of its new layout, which allows visitors and music fans to more easily navigate through an artist’s page.

Listeners will now have multiple options to look into:

– All (Default)
– Tracks (Only tracks uploaded by the artist/label)
– Playlists (Curated playlists created by the artist/label)
– Reposts (Strictly shows what the artist/label is sharing)

Alongside the new layout, Soundcloud has now also rolled out header images to all users, a feature that used to be strictly for monetization partners but now everybody can take advantage of it. (Visual track updates are still restricted to manual updating as of now).

Both updates make a lot of sense and we are glad they have taken into consideration the feedback of thousands of users. You can read the full post on the Soundcloud blog here