SoundCloud Feed Delivery is Available to All Label Engine Labels and Artists

Label Engine News

We are pleased to announce feed delivery to SoundCloud for all Label Engine users. This opt-in feature will save all users time and give peace of mind when it comes to proper uploading, monetization, and future promo opportunities.  

So What Does This Mean? 

It means all projects distributed through Label Engine will be delivered to the artist’s SoundCloud profile just like all other major digital streaming platforms. 

Why Should I Opt-In? 

With direct delivery, all tracks will be copyright protected and whitelisted in 230 territories to secure a seamless rollout. Also, it will ensure all projects are monetizing in all 30 territories rather than the 19 that are available onsite. Royalties are allocated and paid as any other DSP which can be found in your Label Engine account. 

How Do I Get Started?  

Please contact for more information and steps to opt-in for all future releases.