Simfy and ZVOOQ added to our network of stores

Label Engine Updates

We are pleased to announce the addition of “Simfy” and “ZVOOQ” to our network of stores.

Simfy is a team consists of a bunch of music junkies who listen to music all day, every day. They just decided they didn’t want to collect any more CDs or organize MP3 files, plus, they wanted to find an easy way to discover new music and share it with their friends. This is how simfy was born: a fast and easy way to listen to music – no limits, no hassle, everywhere and at any time. Visit Simfy

ZVOOQ is a Moscow-based cloud-based music subscription service with delivery channels through browser-based, desktop and mobile applications. Zvooq is the first scalable online music service operating in all the territories of the former Soviet Union, where its competition is literally piracy. Zvooq also acts as an online community. Visit ZVOOQ

These stores have been added to the accounts of all of our distributed labels, no further acknowledgement or steps are required. We are working on delivering our back catalog but will prioritize the delivery of new releases.

Any questions feel free to send them to support(at)

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