Promo system improvements

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We’ve made some very useful changes to the way our promo system works:

* DJs will now be able to select to receive Promos once per week instead of “as they come in” to facilitate the digestion and organization of them. They can select this option for all labels or on a label per label case within their subscription options and will be delivered to them every Friday morning. This will greatly improve the amount of feedback they can give back to labels. When sending a promo or viewing feedback you will be able to see what subscription option they have for your label and when the data when promos were or will be sent.

* There is now space to enter a company / title / additional info for each recipient. This information is displayed after their name in brackets within your back end system and in feedback reports, e.g. Lazy Rich (Big Fish Recordings). Information entered into this field will not be shown to the recipients.¬†We have automatically moved any information that you had entered in brackets after the recipient’s name into this new field.

* We have added two additional text fields to enter Radio Support and Marketing / PR information for each release. These fields are included on the feedback report and can be edited at any time.

* Statistics/graphs can now be included in the PDF feedback report, as requested by many of you. You will now see both options available.

* We have added each recipient’s favorite track to the feedback PDF report.

* You can now choose up to 10 items of your received feedback to be included in reminder emails and on the promo page for a release. Select the feedback by ticking the checkbox on the ‘Feedback’ page, and then click the ‘Display Selected Feedback’ checkbox when sending your promo.

Thanks for your continued business. Any questions or feedback feel free to email us to support(at)

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