New “Support” feature added, making it easier than ever to let us know of any issues with your release.

Label Engine Updates

We have now introduced the new “Support” section for our distributed labels to easily report/submit tickets about any errors spotted in stores or missing releases.

Although our system makes it possible for you to submit your releases as error-free as possible, we understand labels are managed by humans and mistakes can happen at any time. We can say the same for us as a Distributor, stores are also not exempt from making this mistakes as well.

We want to make sure it’s as easy as possible for you to communicate this errors to us, so say goodbye to the old way of having to copy and paste the release information and email us in the old conventional way. Through the system, you can simply select the release that is affected, click “Support” located right next to the “Chart History” option in your Distribution menu bar (see pic), from there you are taken to the ticket section where you can select the store(s) the issue is in regards to, select the track(s) affected, include a description of the problem and submit your support request, we got it from there!

A few examples of when this will come in handy: If you realize a release is missing from any of the stores, if you spotted a misspelling in the artist’s name or errors in the sound recordings.