New Promo System Now Live

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After many months of work we are pleased to announce the launch of Label Engine’s new promo system!

What’s new?

We’ve rebuilt the promo page from the ground up allowing full customization options based on the release artwork. Label Engine will automatically pick the best colors to use with your release, or you can use our simple customization menu to select your preferred color scheme and background.

Downloads are now available immediately after leaving feedback, with the downloads page available to download files in batches or direct to Dropbox.

Our redesigned promos page gives you a simple interface and a revised filtering mechanism, as well as allowing you to preview a chosen 20 second clip from each release.

The new pages are fully compatible with all mobile devices with support for multiple resolutions. We’ve also updated our players to increase compatibility using a cleaner waveform display.

These changes extend to our Share and Follow to Download systems and we will soon be updating our Demo and Podcast pages with the new look.

We’ve also made some adjustments to the admin section of the site, including new track players, improved social media linking for artists, labels and recipients with the addition of YouTube, and the separation of the Share and Follow to Download sections.

There will be a lot of features added to the new system in the next couple of months so keep checking back for updates.

We encourage you to report any bugs, send us any feedback or recommendations to support(at) or we are also fairly active on twitter: @Label_Engine

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