New Lyrics Entry Feature

Label Engine News

We’ve just added the ability to add lyrics to any tracks with vocals in Label Engine. For now, lyrics delivery is only supported by Apple Music and iTunes and will be delivered to Apple Music and iTunes only. We encourage you to enter lyrics whenever they’re available for any tracks with vocals to be considered for additional marketing opportunities and to create a better listening experience for fans. Additionally, Apple Music lets users search for songs by lyrics, which can help with discovery for your catalog.

Once you choose a track audio language, a link to ‘Enter Lyrics’ will appear next to the language dropdown (Reminder to always select the proper audio language to ensure your release will not be rejected!). 

Once you click ‘Enter Lyrics’, a pop up window will appear, allowing you to type or paste lyrics for the track. Please follow the Lyrics Guidelines carefully when submitting your lyrics to prevent a release being rejected or hidden from Apple Music / iTunes.

Some general lyrics tips:

  • Lyrics must be accurate and match the audio. This includes everything that is an integral part of the vocals.
  • The structure of a song should dictate a lyric’s format and structure. When transcribing lyrics, it is important to separate the lyrical sections and changes within a song with line and section breaks. All lyric lines should be single-spaced and a double space should separate each stanza.
  • Use proper capitalization — capitalization in your lyrics should follow traditional grammar rules. Proper nouns must be capitalized. Additionally, all lyric lines must begin with a capital letter.
  • Always write out lyrics fully, even when lines are repeated.
  • There should be no periods or commas at the end of any lyric line. Exclamation points, question marks, and quotation marks should be the only end-line punctuation and should be included as needed.
  • Full Apple Music Lyric guidelines here:

If you have additional questions about lyric delivery, feel free to contact us at