New Demo Management System and Podcast updates

Label Engine Updates

We have made a few updates to our Demo system, Podcasts and promo system, here is a quick run down of whats new:



Demo pages will now be styled according to your label display options, meaning you can tweak your background, font and button colors to match those of your label.

In addition to cosmetic changes to the demo system, we’ve added a step by step workflow to guide artists through submitting a demo, including a new drag and drop file upload interface. We’ve also added a field for you to specify your demo preferences so you can tell artists what kind of music you are hoping to hear before they submit.

It’s very important that if you are embedding the demo system on your website you check out the new embed options available – you can choose to use your label style or set a background, text and feature color.


As we did with our Demo pages, the design of the Podcast pages have also been updated to match that of our updated Promo system.

We have also added a public podcast page at – if you would like your podcast to be featured on the page please set “Public” to “Yes” when editing the settings of the podcast and each episode.


We appreciate all the feedback about the promo system and for reporting bugs/issues as you find them, that help us continue to improve our offerings. With that in mind we have performed a series of updates on the promo system, including speed and compatibility improvements, and will continue to add new features based upon user feedback.


Any additional feedback or comments feel free to email us at support(at) or hit us up on twitter @Label_Engine