New Beatport Label Vetting Process

Label Engine News

Beatport has implemented a new label vetting process that started yesterday. It will require new labels to show proof of relevance to Beatport, to ensure that content delivered to Beatport is relevant. All new labels must be pre-approved by Beatport before deliveries can start. If your label does not meet these criteria, it may not be approved for Beatport’s service. If your label is approved but content received is determined as irrelevant later on, it may be removed from the store.

The sale of Hip-Hop, R&B & Reggae / Dancehall are now directed to Beatsource. Beatport is a specialist for Electronic Dance Music.

As your distribution partner, we will be submitting new label applications to Beatport on your behalf. Please allow additional processing time as the application process may take slightly longer. Only applications that are thoroughly filled out, and labels that meet the genre requirements of Beatport, will be considered for Beatport application submission.

For more delivery information on Beatport’s genres and subgenres, please read Beatport’s FAQs. If you have any questions regarding your deliveries, please feel free to contact our support team at