New Label Engine Updates: 1001Tracklists Integration, Soundcloud Like & Repost, Social Media Info and More

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November was a busy month for us and as always we’ve been busy working on new features for the Label Engine system:

– 1001Tracklists Integration

We’ve partnered with to allow you to keep an eye on which DJs are playing your tracks.

1001Tracklists is a user generated database containing listings of every radio show and major performance by the world’s biggest DJs. This data can be used for the promotion of your label’s music.

Our system allows you to search the 1001Tracklists database and to ‘watch’ tracks that you want to follow. For each watched track you will be receive a menu alert each time it is played. The system works in two ways:

Either search for tracks by visiting the 1001Tracklists section under the Tools menu.


Click the 1001Tracklists link from the middle toolbar when editing a release within the Promotion section to view all matches for tracks within that release.

The 1001Tracklists tool is available for users with a Promotion or Premium Subscription and for our Premium Distributed labels.

– Soundcloud Like and Repost

You can now link your tracks with your uploads on Soundcloud – this can be done anytime you edit a track within the tools or promotion section. When linked, you can view the embedded track along with play counts and comments.

If you create a follow-to-download page for a track that is linked with Soundcloud, anybody who follows by connecting with their Soundcloud account will automatically like and repost the track.

This is optional, so you can also run your follow-to-download campaigns the original way (only asking for a follow without having to like and repost it).

– Store Links

For our distribution customers, we will now display any direct links to your tracks and releases that we are able to obtain from sales estimates. This includes Beatport, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Traxsource. These links can be seen by clicking the ‘Store Links’ link when editing a track or release. If you have linked a Soundcloud track then this will be displayed here also.

– Share Promo Feedback

Similarly to how you can share your daily sales updates, you can now share a limited view of your promo feedback for a given release that is updated in real-time. The sharing link is at the bottom of the feedback page and you can reset the link at anytime if you want to revoke access to those you have given it to.

– Artist Payment Stats

We’ve added some simple stats for artists when receiving payment. Graphs showing country, media and store data retrieved from their statements are shown, allowing them some insight into where their money is coming from without having to open the supplied csv file.

– Social Network Info

We’ve added the ability to add social network information for labels, artists and recipients – this currently includes facebook, twitter and soundcloud.

Entering a valid social network ID will display follower / like counts that are updated daily. The entered IDs will also be used as default suggestions when creating a follow-to-download page.

In addition, anyone submitting a demo is given the chance to enter in their social network IDs allowing you to see at a glance their social reach while you listen to their submission. If their submission is emailed we grab the IDs automatically if they include them in the email.

Incorrect or inactive social IDs are automatically removed after they are entered and also when stats are updated each day.

– Recipient Selection

Based on your feedback we have updated the way you select recipients when sending out promos – selecting a list will now only show the recipients included in that list and works in conjunction with the search box to allow you to locate recipients as quickly as possible.

– Bounced Emails

We’ve created a single place where you can monitor all emails addresses for which we were unable to deliver mail – you can view it by clicking ‘Bounced Emails’ at the bottom of yours settings page. If you are certain that any of the emails listed are valid and in use, simply click the X next to them and we will unlock them so you can try sending email to those addresses again.

– Notes
You can now view notes directly when editing a track or release – simply click the ‘Notes’ link to view. We’ve also added functionality to set a topic for each note and record which user entered it.


We have lots of exciting new features coming very soon so please check the blog and our social media regularly for updates. If you have any questions or feedback regarding these new features please contact us at the usual address – support(at)