A Fresh Take on Bass Music and Funk Music

Label Engine Fresh Produce Playlist

Happy June 10th everyone!

It would be unimaginable to picture a world where Benjamin Franklin didn’t fly a kite through a thunderstorm exactly 267 years ago today. Who could live without electricity and who could live without the weekly update of Label Engine’s Fresh Produce Playlist? The answer… No One.

Kicking off our playlist spotlight this week is Disciple Records’ own Oliverse. The U.K. based producer’s new EP “Outerworld” gives listeners a fresh take on the bass music scene with his mixture of melodic dubstep and house music. As the EP progressively ramps up its energy with headbanging transitions, one can’t help but move their body with the beat. The fourth track “Unspoken” changes the vibe with Elle Exxe’s bright and dreamy vocals. Its flourishing synths create a beautiful vibe able to smack anyone right in the feels. Keep an eye on future projects from Oliverse as he continues to become a prominent DJ in the Electronic World.

For a change of style, kick back with Passionardor’s new track “Runaway.” A groovy track perfect for a unplugging after a long day, its funky bass line and dreamlike synths emulate the feeling of escaping. In his own words, “The idea for ‘Runaway’ emerged as a solution for when everyday life gets in the way of relationship; instead of looking outside, we can run away together and rekindle our magic.” A poetic description that is realized throughout the song.


To add a little funk to your day, check out “These Nights” by DJ ThreeJay. This mood booster is perfect at bringing the life back into any room. Its high energy beat and nostalgic sound makes it a perfect song to dance the night away.

Catch all of these tracks and more on Label Engine’s Spotify playlists, and keep an eye on our socials for new releases!

– Label Engine