LE Fresh Produce – July 2nd

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Happy July 2nd everybody!

In 1962, the very first Walmart opened in Rogers, Arkansas. This monumental company would go on to dominate its industry and become one of the largest distributors in the world. Just as monumental, if not more revolutionary, is the weekly update of Label Engine’s Fresh Produce Playlist.

Starting this weeks playlist spotlight is Anaheim rapper Phora, is back with his new single “Forgive Me.” Following his last release “Find A Way,” this song if full of emotion with the subject being emptiness due to difficulties with his longtime girlfriend. Phora has been known to use subjects of sorrow, emptiness and heartbreak that takes the listeners on an emotional trip. He uses music as an outlet for his turmoil, speaking about feelings other people usually don’t talk about. The emotion in his voice makes it even more connecting to fans who relate to his pain.

“And they wonder why we damaged
But you only know part of me, you don’t know my secrets
You don’t know my pain, ’cause I, always try to keep it”

Forgive Me – Phora

Fold EP” by r21freq is a set of songs that sound like something straight out of a video game. Its chillwave elements make it a relaxing EP perfect for unplugging at night. The soundscape of “Cordell” paints a picture of a drive under the night sky. The music seems minimalistic yet forms a complexity of layers with different instruments interjecting over the bluesy synths. “Ghost Notes” on the other hand is an upbeat tune that features quirky sounds throughout it.

Berger and Brehm are no strangers when it comes to collabing together. In their fourth stint, they bring a summer smash filled with shimmering synths and dreamy vocals. “Back to You” features a guitar throughout the song that evokes a summer sun setting as well as a longing from the singer. This song is about a person who “can’t give their heart” to someone else when “it hasn’t moved on” yet. It can be just as energetic as it is emotional.

Rounding out the playlist spotlight is “I’m On It” by Ferington. After first listen, one could get the vibe of a Madeon track with elements of Daft Punk mixed in. Its a bouncy track that bumps the kick, making it an easy to dance to song. A perfect jam for a pool party.

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