Label Engine Updates

DJ Lazy Rich Updates

We’ve made a couple of improvements to the site this week:

Videos made using our Sharing section are now in HD (720p). Videos will take approximately 10 minutes to be processed after you create them and will be displayed on your menu page when they are ready to download. Videos are no longer stored in your repository and will instead be available for 24 hours after they have been created.

We have shortened the URLs used to send promos, statements, invoices and shared files to your artists / recipients.

We have added some additional options to your invoice settings, allowing you to specify whether artists can request payment in an alternate currency and whether artists can provide a paypal address. If a Paypal address is provided by an artist (it must be entered in the paypal address field) then payment can be made instantly using an integrated Paypal system. You can now also specify your own Paypal address, allowing companies to pay you instantly using the same integrated Paypal system when you send them an invoice.

For our distribution clients, a number of you will have noticed royalties from our We Are Electro compilation label in your statements. This is a good time to remind you of our licensing system, allowing you to record these licensed tracks for automatic royalty allocation. To record a license, click the Licensing link from the Accounts menu. Using the We Are Electro compilation as an example, the license can be recorded as follows:

Select Label Engine as the company, enter ‘We Are Electro’ as the label, ‘WAE001’¬†as the catalogue number and ‘We Are Electro Vol. 1’ as the reference. Once added, you can set ‘045635576339’ as the UPC, and make sure ‘Suggest Pre-Allocations’ is ticked. You can then go ahead and include the tracks from your catalogue that were included in the compilation. Once completed, these tracks will be used as pre-allocations using the entered label name, catalogue number and UPC and royalties will be matched automatically if found.

For the second compilation, the catalogue number ‘WAE002′, reference ”We Are Electro Vol. 2’ and UPC ‘045635840249’ should be entered.

We are aiming to have this licensing data entered automatically for future compilations, but in the meantime if you have any questions please contact us at suppport (at)

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