Label Engine Music Recommendations 9/15/17

Label Engine Music

What would Friday be without new music?

Our music recommendations this week feature a mix of heavier bass-driven tracks as well as dance-y house and hip-hop. First and foremost is a single off of the upcoming Requiem EP from Eliminate off of Twonk, “No Sleep”. You’ll hear double-time builds reminiscent of drum & bass, manipulated and spliced vocals, bass-heavy halftime drops, and a ton of energy. Perfect for Friday afternoon!

Keep listening for some upbeat house tracks from Landis and JOMAQ, dubstep tracks from Graphyt and MUST DIE!, hip-hop tracks from VGNX and LIINKS, and a little bit of some other goodness from Ka-zen and Jamieson Hill & JÅCK FORD – and have a wonderful weekend!

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1) Eliminate – No Sleep [Twonk]
| Genre: Trap/Future Bass |

2) Landis – Keep On [IN/Rotation (Insomniac Records)]
| Genre: House |

3) Graphyt – School Of Gangsters [Disciple Round Table]
| Genre: Dubstep |

4) Ka-zen – Beginnings [COED RECS]
| Genre: Melodic Bass |

5) MUST DIE! – Shibuya Overdrive [Never Say Die Records]
| Genre: Dubstep |

6) JOMAQ – Million Faces [Glorie Records]
| Genre: House |

7) VGNX – Pull Up (feat. Raquel Divar) [Street Ritual]
| Genre: Hip-Hop |

8) Jamieson Hill & JÅCK FORD – Only Time [In Living Sound] 
| Genre: Dance/Pop |

9) Esseks – Trapped In The VCR [WAKAAN]
| Genre: Electronica/Downtempo |

10) LIINKS – Raise It Up [Westwood Recordings]
| Genre: Hip-Hop/R&B |