Label Engine Music Recommendations 9/11/15

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Today we remember and honor the memory of all the victims of the tragedy that 9/11 was 14 years ago. I actually grew up in New York (Long Island to be specific) and ill always remember visiting the “Twin Towers” the weekend before it all happened, it still feels like it was yesterday.

If you have the meanings and find it in your heart to help the victims (yes, it is still an issue 14 years later) and the community, put together a list of 9 Meaningful Ways You Can Help 9/11 victims that gives you option to help in the best way you see fit. Never Forget.

You know what i love about music the most? that it is like therapy to me and im sure many others feel the same way. Whenever i feel sad, grumpy or disappointed i turn to music to cheer me up, so here are our top 10 recommendations for this week, we hope you like them!

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Here are our September 11, 2015 music recommendations, enjoy!
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1) Chime – Escapism (Original Mix) [Daily Earfood] | Genre: Glitch Hop | Beatport ProiTunes

2) SKULS – 404 (Original Mix) [Terrorhythm Recordings] | Genre: Electronica | Beatport ProiTunes

3) Megalodon & BAR9 – Shouting At Traffic (Original Mix) [Never Say Die Records] | Genre: Dubstep | Beatport ProiTunes

4) Ranec & Cotek – Creature (Original Mix) [Lucky Records] | Genre: Electro House | Beatport ProiTunes

5) Elijah Collins, D.ablo – The Hardest (Original Mix) [Bloc Beatz Records] | Genre: Indie/Nu Disco | Beatport ProiTunes

6) DJ Hero – Listen To The Drummer feat. Andy McAllister, Jen Z (Original Mix) [Solitude Studios] | Genre: Breaks | Beatport ProiTunes

7) Jacksin 5 – Rock Disco (Original Mix) [Rhinofist] | Genre: Indie/Nu Disco | Beatport ProiTunes

8) Mimmo – Yes! (Original Mix) [Hungry Koala Records] | Genre: Minimal | Beatport ProiTunes

9) DJ Kue – Closer Than Close (Original Mix) [Pop Rox Muzik] | Genre: House | Beatport ProiTunes

10) Bright Morningstar – Prevention (Original Mix) [Illuzion Records] | Genre: Electronica | Beatport ProiTunes