Rooftop-Party-Worthy Tech House, Hard Trap and Metal-infused Dubstep, and Much More

Label Engine Fresh Produce Playlist

Hello there, and welcome to July!

If you’re looking to start off your weekend with some new flavor, look no further: this week we’re bringing to you some of our favorites from Perfect Driver Music, Never Say Die, POPGANG, Uplink Audio, and many more! Steve Darko leads the way with rooftop-party-worthy tech house, followed by a strong, highly anticipated debut from seventeen-year-old Mastadon, who’s infusing hard trap and metal elements into already unique dubstep compositions. Downlink’s “Bass War” released this week as well, in case you’re looking to break your neck headbanging from home, and Gentlemens Club reminds you to #StayClassy with hybrid trap and dub. To balance out the bass we have strong house, d&b and pop offerings from DirrtyDishes & Mikah, Maurice Brown & Lee Farmer, Electric Treasure, and more! Enjoy, friends!

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1) Steve Darko – Temptation [Perfect Driver Music]
| Genre: Tech House | Support > iTunesSpotify – Beatport

2) Mastadon – RIP [Never Say Die: Black Label]
| Genre: Dubstep | Support > iTunesSpotify – Beatport

3) Downlink – Bass War [Uplink Audio]
| Genre: Dubstep | Support > iTunesSpotify – Beatport

4) JÅCK FORD – There For Tomorrow [In Living Sound]
| Genre: Drum & Bass | Support > iTunes – Spotify – Beatport

5) DirrtyDishes & Mikah – One Time [Audiophile Deep]
| Genre: Tech House | Support > iTunes – Spotify – Beatport

6) Styline – Dirty [Big Fish Recordings]
| Genre: Electro House | Support > iTunesSpotifyBeatport

7) I Know Karate – Eyes Of A Stranger [Average Unicorn]
| Genre: Dance | Support > iTunesSpotify – Beatport

8) Electric Treasure – All out of Love (feat. Fallon) [POPGANG Records] 
| Genre: Chill Out | Support > iTunesSpotify – Beatport

9) Gentlemens Club – Take You Back [Never Say Die] 
| Genre: Hybrid | Support > iTunesSpotify – Beatport

10) Maurice Brown & Lee Farmer – Stand Up & Dance (feat. Chelsea Baratz & Chris Rob) [S&S Records]
| Genre: Dubstep | Support > iTunesSpotify – Beatport