Label Engine Music Recommendations 6/27/15

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Hello World!

What a week it has been for America and without getting too politic about it, we are very proud of the changes. The music industry, specially the Dance Music scene, has been built on equality and love so it is only fitting that we support the United State’s decision to make same sex marriage legal across the entire country. Congrats!

This has also been a big week for us in term of releases and music available, over 400 tracks available this week and it was tough to narrow it down to only 10 but here we go.

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Here are our June 26, 2015 music recommendations, enjoy!
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1) MADD MASSIVE & Steve Omen – Ever After feat. 3PM (Mobin Master Remix) [Safari Music] | Genre: House | BeatportiTunes

2) Pippin – Pixie Dust (Original Mix) [High Chai] | Genre: Chillout | BeatportiTunes

3) 4U – Way Out (FRAUWDY Remix) [Gracious Records] | Genre: Electronica | BeatportiTunes

4) Dub FX – Don’t Give Up (The Funk Hunters Remix) [Westwood Recordings] | Genre: Drum & Bass | BeatportiTunes

5) Cvnt Traxxx feat. Sugur Shane – This is CVNT (Original Mix) [Top Billin] | Genre: House | BeatportiTunes

6) E-Cologyk & Titanoz – We Are Bounce (Original Mix) [Braslive Records] | Genre: Melbourne Bounce | BeatportiTunes

7) Holygunner & BBK – Stereo TRVP (Original Mix) [Playing With Monsters] | Genre: Trap | BeatportiTunes

8) Momo Dobrev – Without You (Original Mix) [Phraser Records] | Genre: Deep House | BeatportiTunes

9) 1000DaysWasted – Dark Solace (Original Mix) [Night45uk] | Genre: Drum & Bass | BeatportiTunes

10) R’s – Knights Of The Faguar (Original Mix) [Whoyostro] | Genre: Drum & Bass | BeatportiTunes