Label Engine Music Recommendations 5/9/15

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Hello World!

Greetings from the capital of the United States, Washington DC, where I’m enjoying visiting some of the most famous museums and art galleries from the country. A much needed time off from the day to day we call life.

Anyway, enough about that. Lets turn our focus to the music, a lot of great releases this week and we hope you enjoy our selections.

Here are our May 9, 2015 music recommendations, enjoy!
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1) Infrakt – Jump Up [High Chai] | Buy on BeatportBuy on iTunes

We are starting this week’s recommendations with a lot of energy as we prepare for Summer Festival season and no track fits that bill better right now than the massive new single by Infrakt “Jump Up” available on one of our favorite bass labels “High Chai”.

Infrakt has been taking the scene by storm with tracks that range from Electro House to Glitch Hop but it is his latest take on Trap in a hybrid way that is shining the brightest spotlight on him. “Jump Up” is the perfect combination of energy, rhythm, bass, chopped vocals, trap and breaks with a catchy flute-like melody that gives it a sexy boost.

This track is guaranteed to get the party started!


2) Kingfisha – Kingfisha Remixed [Westwood Recordings] | Buy on BeatportBuy on iTunes

Westwood Recordings has only been alive for a little over a year but since it was founded by The Funk Hunters in 2013 the label has been synonymous with quality bass music that truly feeds the soul.

I can say with confidence that some of the best Glitch Hop music in the past 12 months has been released by Westwood but they have not let that box them in specific genres or bpms. Their goal is clear, share quality music regardless of the style/genre and the “Kingfisha Remixed” package highlights just that.

From Drum & Bass to Glitch Hop to Funk to Reggae, this release has it all with killer remixes by Ed Solo, Crazy Daylight, Odjbox, Jpod, Flavours, Beat Fatigue and head honchos The Funk Hunters themselves.

A must have in any music collection!


3) Dubscribe – Hyper Galaxy EP [Uplink Audio] | Buy on BeatportBuy on iTunes

We can’t leave you guys without a much needed dose of heavy Dubstep music and no label provides that in a better way than Uplink Audio.

The Uplink Audio crew are determined to make 2015 their best year yet and they have had an impressive start with a string of massive releases that have topped the charts around the world. Up next is Dubscribe, a producer and DJ from Tokyo, Japan that is making noise in the bass world with releases on labels like Excision’s Rottun Records and now Downlink’s Uplink Audio.

Dubbed by Beatport as one of the must hear Dubstep tracks of this week, Dubscribe’s “Hyper Galaxy” is the leading track of the bunch but “Gravisphere”, “11th Dimension” and “Lagrange Point” are all deserving of that recognition. The entire EP is just heaven for bass music fans!


4) Various Artists/Label Highlights

As usual, we leave you with our bonus round. The rapid-fire style recommendations of other goodies you should listen to!

a) Adam Johan – Let’s Pretend (Original Mix) [Night Vision Music] | Exclusively at Beatport

b) MorganJ & Jason Risk – Flute (Original Mix) [Hungry Koala Records] | Exclusively at Beatport

c) Aaron Snapes – Phantom (Original Mix) [Perfect Driver Records] | Exclusively at Beatport

d) DJ Hero – What You Really Want (Original Mix) [Solitude Studios] | Buy on BeatportBuy on iTunes