Label Engine Music Recommendations 4/4/15

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Hello World!

First of all, we would like to wish everybody a safe and happy Easter. We hope you find lots of “eggs” and eat lots of candy.

This is week is yet another week jam packed with quality music and releases, in fact, 519 new tracks from our distributed labels made their way into Beatport, iTunes, Spotify and other digital stores. The challenge? pick only a handful of favorites to highlight, fun!

Here are our April 4, 2015 music recommendations, enjoy!
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1) Young Lyxx – Young N Mayhem [SKRONG]  | Buy at BeatportBuy at iTunes

We start the journey a bit different than usual this week, featuring the newest and latest from San Diego rapper Young Lyxx.

If the music production sounds familiar to you, thats because the entire EP was produced by popular Trap/DnB/Bass producer and DJ Mayhem, who also serves as the executive producer releasing the EP on his new imprint “SKRONG”.

Mayhem’s production is made in heaven for the gritty and “take no prisoners” flow from Lyxx, who also chops it up with the likes of Trinidad James, Snypa and Chief in 3 of the 6 tracks. If you prefer your Rap music raw, underground and unfiltered “Young N Mayhem” is definitely for you!

[Explicit Content]


2) Sunny Terrace – Trip On Trip [Daily Earfood]  | Buy at BeatportBuy at iTunes

We go from gritty Rap music to beautiful melodic Progressive House, we excel in creating transitions between genres that make sense (ha!).

Regardless, good music is just good music and Sunny Terrance’s new single “Trip on Trip” could easily be the “I have arrived” ticket he deserves. Right on time for the summer, i can already picture being on a beach enjoying a pina colada while listening to this track, it is just that magical.

If you have a sweet tooth for melodic music, i don’t think it gets any better than this. Sunny Terrace takes it back to what Progressive House music should be all about, forget all that Big Room non-sense populating the Beatport top 100!


3) Kooda – No Doubt [Almost Famous Music]  | Buy at BeatportBuy at iTunes

From Rap to Melodic Progressive House, we now end this week’s journey with a Melbourne Bounce club destroyer.

If you thought we were going to leave you without a recommendation that would get you up and dancing, you thought wrong. The new single by Australian producer Kooda “No Doubt” is just fun, enticing and delivers high energy from start to finish.

Music brings the deepest feelings out of us but sometimes it just needs to get you pumped. If on a Friday night, i’m going out with the “crew” and everybody is ready to turn it all the way up… “No doubt” is without a doubt my top pick!


4) Various Artists/Label Highlights 

As usual, we leave you with the bonus round. The rapid-fire style recommendations of other goodies you should listen to!

a) D3AD D1SCO & Lampzy – Titan (Original Mix) [Moon Records] | Buy at BeatportBuy at iTunes

b) Physical Phase – Maecenas (Genesis Remix) [RaveUp Records] | Exclusively at Beatport

c) Miss Haze – Motorboat (matphilly Remix) [All The Hype Records] | Buy at BeatportBuy at iTunes

d) Andrew Parsons & Shwann feat. Veela – Pinnacle (Original Mix) [Pyramid Recordings] | Exclusively at Beatport