Label Engine Music Recommendations 4/25/15

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Hello World!

Greetings this week from beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada, where i’m currently on “Vacation”. No matter where i am or what my weekend looks like, one of the things i look forward to the most is our music recommendations and i’m specially excited about this week because we are jammed packed with some of the best releases of the year so far.

It was no easy task to pick our very very very favorite, i feel like we snubbed several releases that could of easily “made the cut” but we had to narrow it down. Thats the nature of the game, from over 500 tracks to only 2 handfuls (ouch!).

Here are our April 25, 2015 music recommendations, enjoy!
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1) Revolvr – Viper [Glo Records]  | Exclusively on Beatport

If we had to write an “About Me” section about Touvan or as he is known to us in the Dance Music world “Revolvr” i feel we would not do him any justice. The meteoric rise to prominence from the Vegas resident has been one very few producers can duplicate.

He officially jumped in the Electronic music world in 2011 and since then his music has been played by the biggest DJs, in the biggest stages and charted in the most important charts consistently. His remixes and originals are some of the most sought after and “Viper” is possibly his best work to date.

“Viper” is a catchy Electro House tune that definitely stands out in the pool of “Big Room” choices that plagues the Beatport top 100, he takes it back to the Electro we all knew and loved. It is bass driven with hard leads, chopped vocals and full of energy.

Once i clicked play, it was love at first listen!


2) GANZ – Dino War EP [Terrorhythm Recordings]  | Buy on BeatportBuy on iTunes

Whenever i hear someone claim their sound and style are unique i call bluffing, most producers would claim that and not back it up. It is a completely different story with the Terrorhythm crew and in this case, GANZ, a 24 year old Dutchman destined for stardom.

Once i discovered Terrorhythm, it instantly became on of my top 3 favorite labels, whenever i would purchase one of their releases i didn’t feel like i just got my “hands” on great music, it felt like a purchased a piece of art. Saying that even feels like i’m underselling them.

GANZ’s “Dino War EP” has been non-stop on auto-replay this week, it includes 3 beautifully crafted original tracks, my favorite? i couldn’t pick one. All three songs are great in their own rights and i feel it wouldn’t be fair to single an specific one out. When people say music takes them on “ride to a different world” i’m sure this is what they meant.


3) Dirtyloud – Intuition [Big Fish Recordings]  | Exclusively on Beatport

Lazy Rich’s Big Fish Recordings has made a name for themselves by being one of the premier Electro House labels in the industry, helping talented producers turn into major players in the game. From Zedd to Porter Robinson to Lucky Date have all called Big Fish home in the early days of their careers but not only are they molding the next wave of rising stars, they often also featured established popular artists as well. The best of both worlds!

Marcus Vinicius AKA Dirtyloud is one of the most talented producers to come out of the South American border and his latest single “Intuition” reminds us why he has remained one of the top DJs in Brazil. Although versatility has been a key component in his early productions, he returns to his “bread and butter” fast paced and hard Electro House with a touch of complextro and we love it!


4) Various Artists/Label Highlights 

As usual, we leave you with our bonus round. The rapid-fire style recommendations of other goodies you should listen to!

a) Adam Tell – Wait It Out (Original Mix) [Cloudhead Records] | Buy at BeatportBuy at iTunes

b) Paul Oja – Front To Back (Original Mix) [Top Billin] | Buy at BeatportBuy at iTunes

c) Pedro Silva – Butterfly Effect (Original Mix) [2 Owls Records] | Exclusively at Beatport

d) Orby – Light Up (Original Mix) [Playing With Monsters] | Buy at BeatportBuy at iTunes