Label Engine Music Recommendations 3/31/17

Label Engine Music

Today marks the end of the first quarter of 2017… Where does the time go?! Hopefully this weekend will provide some time for you to recover from MMW and look forward to the rest of festival season. It is fast upon us all, and we can’t wait.

We’re so proud of the whole Label Engine family, and this week our top spot goes to a long-anticipated release from Kannibalen Records. Dabin’s debut LP, Two Hearts, delivers a beautiful sonic journey that highlights the irreplaceable value of a carefully constructed album. Each track adds it’s own piece to the overarching themes of love, loss, and longing, and the listener is swept away into the world that Dabin has created. As Oggie James from FUXWITHIT describes in his review, “It uses diverse and even opposing sounds, harnessing them in creative and cohesive harmony”. The track, “What It Was”, features Jenni Potts on vocals and illustrates James’ words fittingly. Give the track a listen below and be sure to support the album as well!

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1) Dabin – What it Was (feat. Jenni Potts) [Kannibalen Records]
| Genre: Electronica | Support > iTunesSpotify – Beatport

2) LEO ISLO – Lush Life (feat. Dani Poppitt) [PUZL Records]
| Genre: Electronica | Support > Spotify

3) Dr. Ozi – Blue Print [Never Say Die Records]
| Genre: Dubstep | Support > iTunesSpotify – Beatport

4) Esofact – Money [Street Ritual]
| Genre: Future Bass | Support > Spotify

5) Laura Brehm & Evoke – Future Holds [Electric Bird Records]
| Genre: Folktronica | Support > iTunesSpotify

6) Junk Food – Rice Village [No Parents No Rules]
| Genre: Electronica | Support > iTunesSpotify – Beatport

7) Jaycen A’mour – You’ll Never Know [Hotslice]
| Genre: Hip-Hop | Support > iTunesSpotify – Beatport

8) Woofax – Don’t Forget (feat. Passionate MC & Sharkey) [Westwood Recordings] 
| Genre: Hip-Hop | Support > iTunesSpotify – Beatport

9) VanDoorn – Disco Sergio [Art Nouveau Records]
| Genre: Indie Dance/Nu Disco | Support > iTunesSpotify – Beatport

10) Johnny Glövez – Everyday [Big Fish Recordings]
| Genre: Electro House | Support > Beatport