Label Engine Music Recommendations 3/28/15

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Hello World!

This week we are coming to you directly from Miami, where the music world has gotten together to participate in a week-long music celebration known as “Miami Music Week”. Within this week we have had the pleasure to participate in a couple of the Winter Music Conference panels as well as attend some of the best parties in town.

For those who are in complete full-on party mode, Ultra Music Festival is going on and those who missed the chance to witness it in person, at least they can stream it online.

For a lot of labels and artists this is a prime week to share some of their best music and we wanted to highlight some of our very favorite.

Here are our March 28, 2015 music recommendations, enjoy!
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1) Various Artists – Big Alliance Takes Over Miami [Big Alliance Records]  | Buy at BeatportBuy at iTunes

It was only fitting to start this week’s journey with a Miami-ready release. Big Alliance’s yearly “Big Alliance Takes Over Miami” album is a great example on how anticipated this week is in the Dance Music scene.

From Melbourne Bounce to Electro House to Big Room, you will find it all in this exclusive album featuring 10 original tracks by some of the most talented and may we dare say, underrated, producers in the game today.

Tracks by DJ Forte, The Fish House and Landslide stand out and are a great fit for any DJ Playlist but don’t sleep on the rest of the tracks, the unexpected “came out of nowhere” hit could be hiding somewhere in there.

2) Droplex – Bangara (Original Mix) [Drugstore Records]  | Exclusively at Beatport

Minimal music continues to grow worldwide and its rapidly becoming mainstream as time goes by and noone is probably more responsible for that than young Hungarian producer Mark Daniel, known to the music world as Droplex.

In less than 5 years Droplex has been able to take his sound to the masses and is currently one of the top selling Minimal artists on Beatport. His 2014 hit “Dance” was Beatport’s top selling Minimal track of the year and this year he can already count with a couple of number 1s and countless top 10s, mind you, its barely March!

At the time of writing, “Bangara” has already sky-rocketed to take the number 2 spot in the Minimal charts at Beatport and there is no doubt in our minds that it is well deserving of the top spot. For the genre’s doubters, it comes as a surprise how melodic the track starts but it is its flawless transition to a bouncy and rhythmic lead with an arabic flavor courtesy of the chopped vocals that makes this song, a very intriguing one.

Words don’t do this track any justice so we encourage you to give it a play (and support in stores of course), we won’t be surprised if it becomes one of the “darlings” at Ultra Music Festival.

3) boerd – Dust (Original Mix) [Comorbid Records]  | Buy at BeatportBuy at iTunes

The journey now takes on a completely new and unexpected road, we go from Electro and energetic Minimal to Chill Out music.

Versatility is what drives the music industry forward, it is because of innovative producers that are not afraid to create their own path that allows Dance Music to remain young and fresh. Although Chill Out music is by no means the ultimate fan favorite genre, it is where we often find ourselves digging for songs that give us a break from the “everybody jump” and “let me see your hands” of the world.

The Comordbid Crew wears “innovation” as a badge of honor, breaking the mold of mainstream and remaining true to themselves no matter what. If you are looking for something different, for something unique, for something special, boerd’s new single “Dust” is where you want your money to land on.

When was the last time you referred to a track as a “song” and truly meant it? “Dust” is what we truly describe as a song, a unique musical specimen deserving of our full attention. If music is supposed to take us to places we have never been before, we believe it now. Thank you boerd for that!


4) Various Artists/Labels Highlights

We end this week’s journey with our signature rapid-fire style recommendations featuring other goodies that also deserve a listen…and your money.

a) DJ M.E.G & N.E.R.A.K – Nightfall (Original Mix) [Big Fish Recordings] | Exclusively at Beatport

b) HXH – Bad Soup (Souled Out’s Poison Mix) [The Pool House] | Buy at BeatportBuy at iTunes

c) Zita Molnar – Midnight Run (Original Mix) [Plunk!] | Exclusively at Beatport