Label Engine Music Recommendations 3/24/17

Label Engine Music

Happy Friday!

For all those lucky individuals who are in Florida currently for Miami Music Week 2017, you might be in need of a little breather before Ultra kicks off. If you’re looking for the perfect playlist to help you kick back on the beach, relax, and catch a few z’s before the first sets… then this is not the playlist for you! Instead, we’re driving hard into this weekend and bringing you some new tracks to keep your energy up, whether you’re jamming with some of the hottest DJs in the scene, or hitting the local club with the squad.

Our top choice this week is Audiophile Live’s “1995 Cephei” by Rubber Mood, a dance track with a healthy dose of funk to get those feet tapping. Paired with an infectious vocal and a mid-tempo groove, this release is the perfect way to ring in the weekend.

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1) Rubber Mood – 1995 Cephei [Audiophile Live]
| Genre: Dance | Support > iTunesSpotify – Beatport

2) Brielle Von Hugel – Stronger (feat. B.o.B) (Exodus x Sweet & Sour Remix) [PEAK HOUR MUSIC]
| Genre: Dance | Support > iTunesSpotifyBeatport

3) Dabin – Worries (feat. Koda) [Kannibalen Records]
| Genre: Electronica | Support > iTunesSpotify

4) Infekt – Double Arcade [Never Say Die: Black Label]
| Genre: Dubstep | Support > iTunesSpotify – Beatport

5) Delhi 2 Dublin – California (Korrado Remix) [Westwood Recordings]
| Genre: Dance | Support > iTunesSpotify – Beatport

6) Ferjo De Gery – Sensaciones [Candy Flip]
| Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Disco | Support > iTunesSpotify – Beatport

7) Axe-D – Yana [Cool Music Records]
| Genre: Future House | Support > Beatport

8) SUPERFRESH – Type of Way (feat. Megagone) [Cool Music Records] 
| Genre: Dubstep | Support > iTunesSpotify – Beatport

9) David Hopperman – Feels (feat. Sasha K) [Glorie Records]
| Genre: Dance | Support > iTunesSpotify – Beatport

10) AlphaLove – Looking For You (Exodus & Shawn White Remix) [PEAK HOUR MUSIC]
| Genre: Dance | Support > iTunesSpotify – Beatport