Label Engine Music Recommendations 11/20/15

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Hello World!

What an emotional week it has been, right? Our hearts and thoughts are with the people in Paris and other parts of the world suffering because of senseless acts of violence. Lets share love and not hate, this is a time to unite and show support!

If you are looking for ways to help the victims and survivors, The Huffington Post made a great article highlighting different ways to do so, which you can read here.

Now lets turn our attention for moment to something a bit more positive, music. Plenty of great music available this week and we are sure some music in your life will definitely help your spirits.

SoDown’s “Bounce Town” from his brand new EP by the same name on Westwood Recordings is our top pick this week, a great combination of funk, rhythm, jazz vibes and glitch hop bass beats. A must have in any playlist or collection for sure!

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Without further ado, here are our November 13, 2015 music recommendations.
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1) SoDown – Bounce Town (Original Mix) [Westwood Recordings] | Genre: Glitch Hop | iTunesBeatport Pro


2) Audalanche – Solitude (Original Mix) [Forever] | Genre: Electro House | iTunesBeatport Pro

3) Gloumout – Want To Know You (Original Mix) [ODN Records] | Genre: Electronica | Beatport Pro

4) Cazztek – Let The Music Play feat. Krista Richards (Original Mix) [Glo Records] | Genre: House | iTunesBeatport Pro

5) Goldcash – Time To Love (Original Mix) [Candy Flip] | Genre: Indie/Nu Disco | iTunesBeatport Pro

6) Mace – Kingpin (Original Mix) [Moon Records] | Genre: Minimal | iTunesBeatport Pro

7) The Spacies – Infinity (Far Lands Remix) [Archipelago Entertainment] | Genre: Drum & Bass | iTunesBeatport Pro

8) Rob Mass – Fairy Dust feat. Pok’Chop (Original Mix) [Cash Gold Records] | Genre: Trap | iTunesBeatport Pro

9) Negativ – Infinite (Original Mix) [Saucy Records] | Genre: Bass House | iTunesBeatport Pro

10) Min&Mal & Delayz – Brokenat (Original Mix) [Hungry Koala Records] | Genre: Minimal | iTunesBeatport Pro