Kannibalen Records

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Founder: Black Tiger Sex Machine
Founded: 2011
Genre: Dubstep, Bass, Electro

“Their show is a unique experience that strikes the perfect balance between a live performance and a DJ set. Along with their music, their signature Tiger helmets and their apocalyptic Kannibalen world have attracted legions of faithful followers called the BTSM Church.” – Insomniac

“Three guys from a group called Black Tiger Sex Machine (BTSM) came into the office to talk about their vision for a new label…Each album from each of the artists would serve as a chapter in an ongoing story about an infectious virus sweeping across the world and transforming its inhabitants into insane, bloodthirsty cannibals (who love to dance, obviously).” – EDM.com

BTSM cut their teeth in the local electronic scene, making a name for themselves and their popular monthly electronic party Kannibalen…found that the smaller labels didn’t have much to offer that they couldn’t already do themselves, and the big leagues wanted more creative and timeline control than they were willing to give… So they started a label and named it after their aforementioned monthly event: Kannibalen Records.” – Santa Cruz.com

“Through Kannibalen, they’ve shaped the careers of breakthrough artists like Apashe, Kai Wachi, Dabin, HVDES and more. Kannibalen Records has been recognized worldwide through major publication partnerships with Netflix, Marvel, NBA, HBO, MTV, UFC, adidas, Samsung and more.” – Let The Bass Get You

“Whatever we create we always want to tell a story. That story also needs to find a place into our live shows…Our music is an experience; just like a movie we try and take the fans on a journey. ” – Raver Rafting

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