Introducing: Embedded Player (Beta)

Label Engine Updates

You can now find under the “Tools” section an “Embedded Player” option that will allow you to share individual tracks in your website or blog directly from Label Engine.

First, put your player online by selecting from the dropdown. You can also decide if you want to enable track downloads. Next, select your colors, and add an additional button with any URL you choose. If you wish you can direct people to a Follow to Download link created by Label Engine. Underneath, a preview of your player is shown along with the embed code – simply copy this code and paste it into the html of your website or blog to display the player.

As with any embedded player, putting your player online will make your lo-fi preview PUBLIC so we recommend you avoid posting full tracks ahead of the release date but if you wish to use it as a way to pre-promote your release, we suggest you use previews instead (you can set the preview length as desired on on the promotion section, if you have not set one up the system will prompt you to).

Any questions or feedback feel free to send them to support(at)

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