How to Move From Another Distributor to Label Engine

Label Engine General, Help

Thinking of switching over to Label Engine? We’ve got you covered!

To switch to Label Engine from another distributor, you will need to first create an account and apply for premium distribution. Once accepted you will upload your catalog using one of our easy back catalog import tools and then redistribute the whole catalog.

It is recommended to use the same metadata such as UPC and ISRC codes and original wav files, so you don’t lose any current stream numbers or placements on Spotify.

When switching over from another distributor, there will be an overlap between your old distributor’s releases and ours. This happens so that you can check on Spotify to make sure your catalog distributed with us links with the original catalog. Typically, it takes 5 days for all releases to link once they have been processed and accepted by the store.

You can check if tracks are linked on Spotify by looking at the stream counts. If our distributed releases show the original stream numbers that means it has linked. If it does not, that can mean there was an issue with linking or that not enough time has passed. If you see they have not linked after 1 week, please reach out to let us know and we can help you find out what the issue is.

Once you see all releases have linked, you will want to contact your current distributor and request that they take your content down from stores.

You will still receive money from your past distributor for some months after you take down your catalog due to the way stores pay out.

You will start to receive money from us for your back catalog about 3 months after the date it was distributed.