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We have added a “Feature Request” form to facilitate and simplify the process of submitting your priority releases to participating stores. Please take a moment to read in full and understand how to properly fill it out so you can improve your chances of being accepted based on each store’s criteria.

You will find the “Features” option in your Distribution bar when editing a release, this option will ONLY appear after you have submitted the release for distribution and only on releases that meet the deadlines set by stores (more on that later).

Find the release you wish to submit a feature request for under the Distribution section and click edit, on the option bar find the option “Features” located between “Edit Release” and “Topple Track”, please be sure to fill out the form(s) completely and accurately to avoid being rejected. (See attached image at the end of the post)

Lets breakdown the form and what everything means, stay with me here, this might seem like a lot of information but its quiet simple.


1) Digital Marketing Strategy

a) Feedback: Include here your top DJ/tastemaker quotes received for the release. If you use our promotion system, you will be able to see and select from the feedback available. Tip: Send your promos at least 5 to 6 weeks prior to the release date for better results.

b) Radio Support: Include any FM/AM/College/Online radio stations that have the release on rotation.

c) Marketing/PR: Include here any blog, magazine and newsletter features and reviews. Tip: Include links to features/reviews or dates scheduled to be published.

2) Social Media Reach

a) Label Reach: Include stats for any and all social media networks you are a part of and plan to use for the promotion of your release. Including facebook, twitter, soundcloud, youtube, instagram, mixcloud, etc etc. You may also include cross promotion stats here for anyone else involved in the promotion of the release that is not directly involved in it.

Facebook – 19.5K
Twitter – 6K
Soundcloud – 20K
Youtube – 7K

Cross promotion
EDM World Facebook – 26K
EDM Universe Soundcloud – 56K

Total reach – 134.5K

b) Artist Reach: Include the social media stats for all artists involved in the release, including remixers. Follow the same example/format presented on option a (Above)

3) iTunes Required Information

a) Week 1 National Forecast: Expected first week sales from all stores

b) iTunes Week 1 Forecast: Expected first week sales on iTunes only

4) Spotify Required Information

Target Territory: Spotify is available in only certain territories and have staff that specifically focus on them individually, please select the territory that you feel your release will have the most success in. This DOES NOT mean your release will only be available in that territory but in case of a feature opportunity they will only be targeted to music fans living there for better results.


– Beatport

Requirements: You must submit your feature request a minimum of 3 weeks before the release date. As per Beatport staff, there is no exceptions to this timeline so please plan accordingly.

Criteria: Beatport is big on DJ support and social media reach so be sure to have both of those included when submitting a feature request. Whether you use our system for promos or any other option, be sure to include your very best quotes, quality over quantity.

– iTunes

Requirements: You must submit a feature request a minimum of 4 weeks before the release date. The iTunes staff actually prefer ample time to plan their features so even though the minimum is 4 weeks, we recommend at least 6 weeks for better results.

Criteria: iTunes is the biggest online store in the world, it is directed towards the casual and mainstream fan. They are big on sales forecasting, past sales results and radio support. Be sure to use this option if you have a solid marketing and PR campaign for a very strong release.

– Spotify

Requirements: You can submit a feature request up until the official release date. In special cases you can submit requests for special “back catalog” releases, mainly used for resurgent releases or touring artists.

Criteria: Spotify is big on consistency, social media reach, independent growing artists and touring. Spotify is great for releases (specially albums) that also has tours planned for it.

– Traxsource

Requirements: You must submit your feature request a minimum of 2 weeks before the release date. As per Traxource staff, they are only interested in the following genres: House, Tech House, Deep House, Jackin House, Techno and Soulful.

Criteria: Traxsource is a very niche House oriented store, they are big on DJ support.

– Junodownload

Requirements: You must submit your feature request a minimum of 2 weeks before the release date. As per Junodownload staff, they are not interested in any releases that are available exclusively in any other competing stores (ex. Beatport exclusives).

Criteria: Juno is big on DJ support and social media reach.




Any questions feel free to email us to support(at)label-engine.com

You can also follow us on twitter at @Label_Engine or facebook at facebook.com/labelengine