Changes to the subscription payment methods

Label Engine Updates

In an effort to better control our subscription accounts and to prevent high accumulative fees from stacking up in your account, we have made some changes on how the system for subscriptions will work, effective immediately.

Unless you add additional credit, subscriptions will now end automatically after the three month subscription period has completed. Don’t worry, all of your uploaded data will be safely stored.

If you wish to continue your subscription you can restart it after it has ended – you will only need to pay 1 month’s subscription fee upfront.

Alternatively, you can continue your subscription simply by ensuring you have enough credit balance in your account (shown on your account as “Credit”) to cover your subscription for the following month. In the system, next to your Subscription type, you can see the date your account was first created, that’s the date on which your monthly cycle will begin/end – for example, if your subscription started on July 12th, you need to have enough credit in your account to cover your next month’s subscription by the end of October 11th.

You will receive an automated email a week prior to your account expiring and a system notification as a reminder to make a payment, if by the deadline credits have not been added to your account to cover for your monthly fee, the account will be automatically downgraded to “Pay As You Go”. The account will still be accessible but you won’t be able to operate the account with the same features until you re-subscribe and make the payment.

Keep in mind that if you have single subscriptions like Accounting or Promotion only (Not both of them, which is known as Full Subscription) using the opposite service to which you are subscribed to in the form as “Pay As You Go” will deduct credits from your balance accordingly, so be sure to have plenty of balance for both.

For example, if you have an accounting subscription only and decide to send two promotional emails, they will be charged at the pay as you go rate of $0.10 per email, therefore deducting $0.20 from your credits for those two emails, leaving you short in the balance for your next month’s subscription payment.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to email us at support(at) with your questions.

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