Changes to Label Admin

DJ Lazy Rich Updates

After a long weekend we are pleased to now be on our new server. Thank you for your patience over the last couple of days. We are now finishing up the transfers and look forward to providing you with an improved service.

By now you may have logged in and noticed the changes – we’ve updated the style of the site to match our new front end and have changed the categorization of some pages.

All of your music can now be found under the musical note icon on the top right of the navigation bar. We’ve added a Catalogue page where you can get an overview of every track and release that you own. We’ve also placed the FTP Repository there.

Demos now exist in their own section that can be accessed from the top navigation, and you can now see folder counts in the dropdown. Demos no longer take up space in your Repository so there is no limit on the number you can receive. Instead, we will be restarting the management scripts, meaning items in the New folder will be moved to Rejected after 90 days, and items in the rejected folder will be deleted after an additional 30 days.

We have split up each of the different sharing types and put them into their own section called Tools, along with Topple Track and Podcasts. Visiting each section will allow you to pick the tracks you wish to share from a search menu, or you can also get to them quickly when viewing a release by clicking the Soundcloud, YouTube or Sharing icons from the toolbar in the middle of the page.

All of your Settings can now be found under the cog item on the top right of the navigation, click ‘Account Settings’ to delve deeper into the available options.

We have revamped the help section of the site using Zendesk to create a Help Center which can be accessed from the ? icon in the top right. We have also added a quick contact form and will be experimenting with live chat over the coming months.

The planning section is no longer. You can get to your schedule from the Settings menu and to the Build Release / Compilation Builder from your Catalogue or the Distribution, Promotion and Accounting pages.

We have lots of exciting new projects in the works and will be focusing on improving our existing services and customer support over the coming months.

Any additional questions or feedback feel free to email us to support(at)

You can also follow us on twitter at @Label_Engine or facebook at