Bite This

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Founder: Jauz
Founded: 2017
Genre: Bass House, House
Country of Origin: United States

“And that’s the mantra of BITE THIS. A group of creative people, doing and making exactly what they want to, how they want to. Pushing boundaries, making magic happen, discovering new horizons and creating truly unique, fresh music and art on all platforms. We will create the trends, the sounds, the styles that people will take inspiration from, or in other words, bite.” – Bite This

“In an age where streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud are giving independent artists a fighting chance the play among the big players, the industry can now add another artist-launched indie label to the list: Bite This, home to dance music’s genre-blending DJ and produce Jauz.” – Billboard

“Jauz has already had a mammoth career — what with revolutionizing the dubstep genre, creating a deep “Sharksquad” following, and even pioneering his own trademark sound that many call “Jauz house” — all before the age of 24. Now, the genre-defying producer can add another huge accomplishment to his resume as he ventures into the realm of more artistic freedom. On November 6, Jauz announced his very own artist-launched indie imprint, Bite This.” – Dancing Astronaut

“Since the announcement on Off the Deep End, Bite This has signed many incredible talents such as Slushii, GG Magree, and most recently AFK. A rising name in the dubstep scene, AFK just released his first single on Bite This titles “Boss.” This track has been in circulation for a while, and many will recognize it’s iconic squeak-filled drop.” – Relentless Beats

“Bite This! has grown steadily and quickly since it first launched in 2017. Since it’s inception, the label has released tracks and EPs from a diverse collection of artists, including Dubloadz, Holy Goof, Axel Boy, Tynan, and many more.” –

Jauz on the cover of Apple Music’s danceXL playlist

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