You can now create your own Playlists at Beatport

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Great news for those hoping to get the most our of their Beatport “Streaming” effort. Beatport announced a couple of days ago the official introduction of “Playlists”, which will allow all labels, artists and fans to create their own curated music list for listening or promotion purposes.

The news are very much welcome but are of no surprise to anyone, human curation is the new “it” thing in the music industry and it was only matter of time before Beatport joined the likes of Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and other streaming services in providing such platform.

“Playlists” aim to give labels and artists more control over how they wish to present their music, we know that currently it is a bit complicated to find new releases and music in an organized way. Be sure to use the new feature to your full advantage to continue to build your revenue stream, a good way to make up for the continuos decline of download sales.

Read the full Beatport Announcement

Wanna see some playlists in action? check out our Beatport profile, we created 3 of them for your listening pleasure! –

Note: If you are a Label Engine distributed label, you can find your label’s login information in your account. Click on the “Distribution” tab (don’t hove over it, click on it) and scroll down to the “Stores” menu. Once you login you will be able to change your username and password as you see fit, update the branding of your profile and of course, create as many playlists as you wish!