Audiomack Launches Connect

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Audiomack has recently added a new feature called Connect. The new feature is found within Audiomacks Creator App and will allow artists to send mass messages to their fans. Users will also be notified when an artist that they follow sends a message, which they can then reply to the message and even get a response from the artist. This new feature will surely strengthen artist-fan relationships and lend a deeper look into the artist’s lives.

Here are some stats from Audiomack regarding their users and the new Connect feature:

  • Audiomack serves 28M MAU globally across all platforms
  • The Creator App has generated more than 1M downloads since launching in 2022
  • Monthly account follows have grown 51% in the last 12 months
  • The average active Audiomack user follows 5 new artists on average per month
  • In three weeks, Connect beta users sent more than 2,300 messages, generating over 50k message replies. The average artist’s messages earned roughly 20 fan comments
  • Based on reporting from the beta product, an artist will see an increase in likes by 38% and downloads by 32% three days after sending a message as compared to the three days before the message went out

For any questions about Audiomack Connect, please reach out to