Apple Music launching June 30th, what does it mean to you?

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Unless you have avoided social media, blogs or just about any news website you may have heard by now that Apple officially announced the long rumored streaming subscription service “Apple Music”. The service will be available June 30th as part of the new iOS update coming for iPhones, iPads and all other apple devices. Don’t worry Android users, it will be available to you in the fall.

Opinions on the service seem to be divided but there is no doubt it will impact the landscape of music profoundly, Apple is the biggest brand in the world and if you were still doubting streaming, this should let you know once and for all that streaming is not the future, it is the now.

For those curious about the subscription service from a fan’s perspective, Apple Music will be available for the standard $9.99 per month for unlimited use and they have a family option for $14.99 (up to 6 members!). They will also have a 24/7 radio station called “Beats 1” that includes curation by DJs and Artists.

So what does it mean to you as a label/artist?

Let us start by confirming we have a deal in place to have your music available on Apple Music, no additional steps are necessary on your side.

This should also be an indicative that if you have not adjusted your marketing/promotional plans by now, you should strongly consider it. Like any business, it is important to adjust to the changes in the industry to be able to remain near the top of the ladder.

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