Akazoo and Forj Digital added to our network of stores

Label Engine Updates

We are pleased to announce the addition of Akazoo and Forj Digital to our network of stores.

Akazoo is a streaming and digital download platform that integrates music with a social media experience, allowing users to integrate their Facebook accounts with the platform to follow users and share the music they love. With over 20 million available song in the platform, you can either stream or buy a digital download a la carte. Visit Akazoo

Forj Digital is taking over our ringtones business from WDA, this new partnership will allow us to continue to work in the competitive Ringtones/Ringback/Mobile space. Forj Digital was founded by former WDA employees with over 10 years of experience that are looking to not only continue to move in the mobile space but also in the world of video distribution.

These stores are now active for our Premium Distributed labels and does not require any additional steps on your side, we will work on delivering our back catalog but will prioritize the delivery of new releases. Forj Digital already took over our back catalog from WDA so we will only focus on new releases for that partnership. If you have any additional questions, feel free to email us to support(at)label-engine.com